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Dorothy Hodgkin 
1910 – 1994
Born in Cairo, Egypt, to a pair of British archaeologists. 
Spent most of her working life, teaching chemistry and using X-ray crystallography.
She spent years perfecting the technique, for which she was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1964.
Determined the structures of penicillin, vitamin B12 and insulin. 
In 2010, the British Royal Mail celebrated the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society by issuing stamps with the likenesses of 10 of the society’s most illustrious members, including Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin; Hodgkin was the only woman in the group.
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Text Box: Week of December 7th - 11th
Kary B. Mullis
Born December 1944.
American biochemist, author, & lecturer
Developed the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique which amplifies small amounts of DNA for usage in DNA fingerprinting & disease diagnosis.
Won 1993 Nobel Prize for his development the PCR.
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